January 18, 2012

Things keep on changing

Made me nostalgic to find this..
The first black and white photo my sister made...
Well, it's really me.
A year and something ago.
For these  dedicated to ANTM : Tyra would't like my possessed expression XD

January 14, 2012

Kawaii factory giveaway

Not having tumblr and FB together can sometimes really sucks... Even though, I just can't miss Kawaii factory giveaway without, at least trying to participate.. Because...you know, it's just impossible to don't like their amazing work *.*!!!

January 9, 2012

New Years Eve

Even I've had it on my mind this whole time, I still couldn't come with an New Years article..
So quite backwards, but still, Happy New Year to all of these who are reading this x)
(Actually, I'm really enjoying to wish a Happy apocalypse year 2012 XD..it sounds creepy)

This year's New Year's Eve I spent with my friends in Prague as same the year before.
I arrived a day before and did a big sales hunting with my friend...

I actually like the atmosphere of these photos..the Christmas in the city feeling. But my look was already quite messed up xD

In the evening we watched Mean girls, one of these film I'm truly in love with despite the fact that they're really stupid.

And before the year 2011 ended up, I had managed to shop in a closed Tesco XD - Quite fun.
Here's a look in which I've entered the New Year of which I frankly have no expectations of.

 And then, the party time..of course...
There in the 13th floor.
 However the time it was taken, the state we've been in atc. , I loove this photo of me and my friend Haru...
It's like..You rather not touch my bitch! XD
(or it also remind me of this scene from Price and Prejudice I actually watched twice this holidays XD)


Model Folli

I really liked this idea.. *.*

January 7, 2012

Brittani Kline

I've finished 16th cycle of America's next top model and even I plan to write about the cycle 11-17 in some later post...I just have to..
Because I'm in love.
(Just ignore the music)
I liked her during the whole cycle, but for that whole drama, I wasn't really sure if it's good thing to do...

Than they cut her her (And Molly's too *.*) and I've thrown away all the doubts.

She's just drop dead gorgeous!!!
Yes, I liked her before..but now..I'm frankly obsessed with her, and you can't really blame me!

Damn it! I wanna be reborn and she's the idea of my dreamy body **