June 30, 2012

America's next top model C11-17

Quite backwards, but I had this draft saved for a months and after watching the newest 18th cycle I'm finally here finishing this post with a follow-up of the first post about the first 10 cycles ANTM and my favorite contestants from there.
It's scary, but sometimes, I just feel like rewatching it, but I'm not that insane yet! So I won't.
Although my life became so empty without all these bitches and their quarrels,photo shoots, challenges etc. I also started to watch Britain's and Australia's versions, which are quite good too..
Unfortunately there are no subtitles for korea's or japan's next top model to be found!damn it!

June 28, 2012

Pretty reckless

A last Saturday, we went with my friends Gedžitka shopping, but I ended up with a simple black corset and 2 galaretkas only XD
(those two, but I had to steal those pictures, as I forgot to take a photo of them,and they are already gone)
Before leaving for our second-hand haunting, we took some photos of our outfits at a place we both fell in love with..(Even some stupid car made it much more difficult,as it stood just in front of it...grrr)

For more photos

June 25, 2012

Second-hand huntings

We have no good shops here,in our region, no even H&M or things like that (only a cropp town and House  if it counts..guess not,cause there's nothing to find) therefore the only way (despite Internet ofc) to get a good pieces of clothes is to go an browse all the second-hands here (at leas, we have something...)
And if you're lucky, there's a possibility to find something really good (and even in your size, as there are lotsa XL things in sizes 40 up...)
So what I found in last months (I guess, that's not all,whatever)
I'm facing a huge style-crisis, while I'm not sure what to wear,what to buy ect. but the cat crop top was one of these items I immediately MUST-HAVE ITEM :D 
I really wanted something like the gray vest but in white...whatever,I'm starting to like gray after all XD  
And some jewelery...the flowers are from Poland,from Warsaw's H&M,as same as the lavender hight-waisted belt,necklace and phone-case were presents from my family from Slovakia..x)

And I have also a tiny corset from this Saturday..
Actually we went for a shopping with Gedžitka that day and I ended up buying Galaretka (it's typical polish jelly with many flavors..) instead of clothes ...whut's me?

June 23, 2012

Fires in objects

Truly simple, nothing special outfit from one of these hot days...
School is such a boredom recently..Really...

And one "behind the scenes" I quite like although it's messy..XD
Thanks Gedžitka for the photos

June 22, 2012

Jade McSorley

Long story short,
How Tenshi fell in love...again
With a contestant from Britain's next top model cycle 5
She's just such a sweetheart!!!
(photos are from tumblr)
I can't get over her cycle and (sorry spoiler) why they kicked her out...She was truly the only one who deserved it as she's such a potential. If there was a girl with a little higher weight, they wouldn't say "She's too fat" but "She have to lose some kilos"... So why did they say just "She's too thin" instead of "She will have to gain a few kilos"..Drives me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

June 21, 2012

About the exchange staying in Poland

As some of you have noticed, I took part in a project called Comenius,thanks to which I spent almost the whole week in Drobin,Poland . I really enjoyed it, as it was really sudden and unexpected, and also new for me, because I'm not really active in this sort of things.
Drobin was a little "town", with landscape like from a low-cost movies (means really beautiful, even though it was raining most of the times, but all around fields, rabbits, sometimes a house)

June 19, 2012

Counting Pulse

Long time without any updates, and my usual worlds of apologize XD
So I'll skip it for this time..
How are you all doing during the starting summer, and upcoming summer holidays?
To be honest, I felt much better when it rained all days long than now, when It's too hot to function  ><"
But I was quite lucky, and managed to get a photo of my today's outfit.
Nothing too complex...but I have a photo :D

+ I'm also supposed to get some photos from my staying in Poland, so I'm gonna create a little post about it, as same as my little shopping update from my second-hand's haunting ^^
And last but not least, another ANTM favorites post and few worlds about others next top models I'm watching (like Britains x)
Stay tuned :D

June 10, 2012

Animefest várka

A jak jsem v odpoledním článku slíbila, přináším další várku, či zbytek z várky, pryskyřicových výrobků/prstýnků k prodeji.
Většina motivů jsou anime motivy, právě kvůli eventu na který byly dělány = animefest.
Pište do komentáří či na můj email gumitko@centrum.cz.
Na poštovném se můžeme domluvit, v případě obyčejného zaslání by to byla tak dvacka, v případě doporučeného dopisu asi 35-40Kč.
U osobního předání si vůbec nejsem jistá, kdy v blízké době se někam dostavím.
Můžu taky věci pro vícero lidí ze stejného okolí zaslat jen jednomu, který to pa přerozdělí,aby si někdo zbytečně nemusel platit poštovné navíc.
To by tak bylo vše k organizačním věcem. Až rozprodám to, co mám v součastnosti doma, můžu zase vyrobit i nějaké zakázkové věci, jako byly například :
věci pro Yumie,Kiru,Terezku a Veru :

Taky asi zkusím nějakou k-pop várku (co myslíte, přívěšky, prstýnky, náušnice,..?)

Jinak všechny fotky jdou přiblížit do detailů x)

1) Přívěsky 
Cena : 40Kč/ks

Cena : 35Kč/ks

3)Okrasné brože
Cena : 50Kč/ks

(pohled na brož)

Má na výšku cca 40mm

Volná už jenom 3-"Hermiona"

4) Náramky
Cena : 100Kč/ks

5)Okrasné bronzové prstýnky
Cena : 40Kč/ks

6)Prstýnky kostičky,kolečka a okrasná kolečka
Cena : 35Kč/ks

Ukázka na prstě

1- zabrána
12- zabrána
17 - zabrána

(pro orientaci, jak vypadá lůžko)

25 - zabrány
31- zabráno

7)Srdíčkové prstýnky cca 25mm na šířku
Cena : 45Kč/ks



Tak snad se vám něco zalíbí x)
Tenshi ♥♥♥