December 11, 2012

Being a vampire

I've been struggling recently to feel like a girl even after dressing up like one and doing the best for this result. It just didn't work up. A bit sad for a girl I guess. But a strange thing happened after putting this cutie on : a long, super cheap ff-brand wig ala Taylor Momsen (or at least I was called Tayler the day I wore it several times;)
I wore (and actually even bought it for this occasion) for my "maturita" (something prom like) party, with vampire theme.
Now I feel like buying all the wigs of different styles and wearing only them with a super short haircut under them. Maybe I've been "a boy" for a too long so this "feeling of long hair" just had to get me. XD

December 5, 2012

Lockshop model contest

I've been participating in Lockshop model contest, cause I just couldn't resist not to try to do so. Yes, I even established a new FB profile for it (do you see how passioned I'm about it?But the winner himself will be picked by the Chokelate alone only from those 10 with the biggest number of likes).
The reason why I'm participating is mainly the collaboration with Chokelate (Nina) of whom I'm a huuuge fan, not that the prizes wouldn't be amazing as well...
So For those who feels like supporting me there, like the photo of mine at the lockshopwigs page of competitors^^(I have undergo a huuge strugle to choose a photo and I ended up with this, quite old actually...maybe not that great idea, but nevermind)
So here..feel free to share etc.
I promise you even more love in the case I would get to the second turn ♥_♥