July 18, 2011

Under a spell

And thanks to my Sister (which is actually my cousin) I was able to take part in Pet-chan's competition with a theme of Princess under the spell x) 
Here are photos we took in about 40 minutes after and before rain x)

(I've edited them all to achieve the right "fairy-tail" charm)

July 8, 2011


Dnes ve 21:00 na from-wonderland.blog.cz (jestli to nepůjde, tak snad zde) by se měl objevit můj closet cleaning..
Myslela jsem, že to bude v pět,ale nestíhám..-_-"

July 7, 2011

After the cleaning up mess...

I decided to take some photos of my room's current look...
(It was a little different before and it will be absolutely much different after all the changes I'm planing to do..x)
(Without my speaking, just with some comments of mine and with a song Fur Elisse xP)
I didn't know If the video will work up,so I also took a few photos..x)

July 6, 2011

Neo Harajuku

As I promised, another spam of some photos we took a few weekends ago in Prague...(Or Pepu took - to be concrete)
Our friend Miruwas having 18th birthday so the Neo Harajuku meeting was thought out for him (and there was also another thing behind it what doesn't have to be said)..
Me with the birthday person - I know it's a suicide to post this..now, I'll be living my life even more miserable in the fear of his fans

I was absolutely dead after neither 2 or 3 hours of sleeping and 5 hours in train, but a coffee and nutella helped me to survive whole time x)
And here some photos ..All thanks for this photo shoot of mine goes (again) to my dear (dogie) Pepu♥
 Some things was made just for this occasion, like the headband, the shorts and the bloody necklace I also fell in love ♥

July 4, 2011

Should see a doctor I guess...

You know...the moment when something just switch over the different canal in your mind and you start to cleaning up and reorganize your room?...
Moment!..something is wrong..
I don't know it either...I usually don't clean up my room even at Christmas..
But now...I've must gone crazy...

But I've found a piece of paper with has something written on and I've stopped for a while (in the middle of this huge mess)

"Being hit and hurt, it's the only way I can feel that I'm still alive. All the other times I'm not much different from being dead."  tells the written text...

Things I've survived

Or what happened in a few days when I had no energy to post anything...

 (Through photos)

We were in Ostrava's zoo on a biology's trip and I've fell in love with Red pandas once again ♥
(and I was almost like this when I find them there XD)

Then someone clever thought out a strike, so I had a day without school I used for baking an "Mole cake" like a birthday for friend of mine..(she was alone on her birthday all together with bad thoughts,about things what had happened so I even brought it to her house and made her cry..yay! mission:successful )

 And then, my school came up with another devilish plan : a walking trip for a meteorologic station somewhere into local mountains)
(me in the most sports outfit I was able to put out of my closet)
and me in a full mode XD
(And I successfully defeated the highest peak of this region XD)

I also visited a local event for Charlie Stright concert's sake ..and they was really great ♥ 

  And Friday 24th June, I spent whole day in Olomouc on a school sight seeing trip...   

What was upcoming to this day will be in the next post, cause there's much more photos to share x)
so bai bai for now *(^o^)*y