July 4, 2011

Things I've survived

Or what happened in a few days when I had no energy to post anything...

 (Through photos)

We were in Ostrava's zoo on a biology's trip and I've fell in love with Red pandas once again ♥
(and I was almost like this when I find them there XD)

Then someone clever thought out a strike, so I had a day without school I used for baking an "Mole cake" like a birthday for friend of mine..(she was alone on her birthday all together with bad thoughts,about things what had happened so I even brought it to her house and made her cry..yay! mission:successful )

 And then, my school came up with another devilish plan : a walking trip for a meteorologic station somewhere into local mountains)
(me in the most sports outfit I was able to put out of my closet)
and me in a full mode XD
(And I successfully defeated the highest peak of this region XD)

I also visited a local event for Charlie Stright concert's sake ..and they was really great ♥ 

  And Friday 24th June, I spent whole day in Olomouc on a school sight seeing trip...   

What was upcoming to this day will be in the next post, cause there's much more photos to share x)
so bai bai for now *(^o^)*y


  1. OMG red pandas are so CUTE! <3
    ...And you're so...aww. My little page. :3 (Yeah. English word for Páže...pfff...so confusing! :D)

    ...I love photo where you're from the side...Lovely profile! :3

  2. And those shorts - probably bloomers are SO CUTE! i need to made them too - and then loose some weight so I can wear them -_-" :D

  3. Terezka : děkuji..jako vždy x)

    Johanka : XD it sounds so strange, but I'll get used to it..x)
    And you must be kidding! I have really horrible profile! Brr...
    Yes, my new dotted bloomers I've made not long ago from a little sports and simple shorts xP

  4. You are awesome! I really like your style!