April 11, 2013


"Tenshi's baaack~~~~"
I know I haven't posted anything for a long, but this is also just a sort of scream into silence. At least for now the next 2 months, because of my graduation from high school, my final exams, my entrance exams for university and mainly because of my laziness, or rather because of the main procrastinator I spend the most time one...My SHINee world, which totally sucked me in :D
Anyway, if there's anyone longing for my existence, I'm still pretty active on my twitter account
or my tumblr (although do not click, if you're having anything against k-pop or SHINee)
However, I'm planning a huge restoration of all my profiles, of this blog etc. right after all this havoc when I have more time...

But back to the reason of this article, it's already two weeks (yep, time's my biggest enemy) my friend Haru visited me here at the end of the world, so we spent a few relaxing days (although it felt like one super long day due to not sleeping properly or not sleeping at all)before coming back to the bitter realities of ours...
Therefore we also fed our LB addiction, in my case really neglected (blame the weather as well! Still snow here..:O)

My first outfit was inspired by one of my deepest source of inspirations : Shinee's Dream girl, mainly by Key's outfit he wore the first day from the show of their called Wonderful days (If you like them at least a bit, you should watch it for sure...♥)
Includes my new jean jeggins I found in a second-hand the day before. That's actually quite a turning point in my life as I haven't got any jeans for a really long time.

The second one includes my new trousers I wear a lot recently despite all the hatred coming from my neighborhoods. I still love them.
I tried to made it simple and monochromatic, yet complex with the futuristic feeling in it.
Thanks Haru for all the amazing photos, check her outfits at her blog as well .

Take care then ♥