June 22, 2011

An education

Actually..what to say about it?...It's always so hard to write anything and not just post some photos, cause I'm posting it backwards hum -_-"

June 19, 2011

Bitterness till the end

A celebration of 90.anniversary of my school...
Academy ...
Bad state of my mind and also a really bad physical state...
And a shopping with my sister after a million years which was destroyed by the things a link above.

And a belt I wanted for so so long and I already get to buy it...♥♥♥

But in the end, It's a little too big for my waist T.T I just can't wear it normally like a waist - belt...so I still have no good waist belt...T.T

June 16, 2011

Short and unseam was this week


And everything started with a quite big, casual denim shorts of amazing baby-pastel-blue from a local second-hand...

Then, I've remade them in something like this ....
And then, I've worn them almost whole week in different ways xP

The first way :

Second way: 

And the reason, why I took photos with this "Magic stick"... I quess, If anyone noticed that before... But "I'm the head!" 

And some details :  


And a third way: 

Just a detail on the lace cuffes xP

June 13, 2011

Man on rope

"I'm a man on rope
i feel the wind has risen
if i'm meant to fall
will you catch me at the bottom?..."

Feeling extra bad, with mouth full of iron, with mind full of craps... 
"...i have things to say
but feel like you won't understand
a perfect melody
that sounds no good outside my head..."
"...are we chasing the ball
running down an endless road?
holding snow in our hands
watching it melting down..."  
 "...will you ever hear me?
will you ever hear my sight?..." 

 Oh, Have I mentioned, that I have a new quite big mirror in my room?
Actually for a 3 months already..x)

June 9, 2011

Let's be alike!!!

What's made me to write this post...

I had to take a screen of this (Nothing against this girls of course)..
But it's like there is somewhere a tutorial what to do to have many HYPES XD
And this pose is one of the rules you have to go with XD
And I bet that these girls got many many hypes XD
I also bet, that Lookbook would be the name of the next the most favorite world-style and lookbook.nu would be something like their bible... I ask myself really often, what I am actually doing there, but because some really great people I just can't get rid of this addiction of my xP

And about the people I'm stalking there...:
Recently, there're increasingly lolitas from all over the world...So a big part of my victims are these girls ♥ ( I will skip celebrities like a Mio Babylove or Zeruda, because I suppose that almost everyone know and stalk them with me XD)
For example :
Natsi World

Pixie Late

Doll Delight

Denise S.

 Federica D

Kao Hime

Professor Kunoichi

Ilsebelle 薔薇

  And many many others really cute lolitas or J-fashion wearing people x)

But there are still many people outside the japan fashion I stalk and love as same as the others...
Like : 
  Brian Evalle

Jerina Laaksonen

Hideki Ito 

IVAN Chang

Sharon Le

Miss Bee

Frida E

And again..many many others... Yes, Lookbook is still worth it thanks to this unusual people which aren't following whats hot on LB XD
(+ many many really amazing Czech people I'm fan of, but I would write about them some other time...xP)

June 3, 2011

She came with UFO


The name just appeared when I was looking at the photos because of the circle lenses I'm wearing and I'm really in love (Therefore I've created a big wishlist of circle and colorful lenses kekeke)

And some other photos:
(Many photos of being infantile...sorry -__-" XD) 

June 1, 2011

I've never left so I can't say i'm back

Unfortunately I'm writing this post for my second time, cause I've deleted the first one by a mistake..
Here's the promised photo shoot from the 14.5.2010 from Prague where a Harajuku picnic took place x)
Again and again, I'm really thankful to my private photographer Pepu-chan!
This time, with a little editing of mine x)