March 20, 2014

Persunmall sweater review, Cloudy S(e)oul [LB look]

This should have been done much earlier, but I'm really really sorry, I have been sick (and heart broken) since my arrival from Seoul and plus or minus got better only now, during last days. (In the combination with school, I was like a walking zombie not able to really take any photos and post them here.)

So finally I'm here to show you a sweater I got sponsored by PERSUN right before I left to Seoul so I couldn't really make the review earlier.

I chose this sweater ---> even though I thought it's gonna be a bit bigger and oversize, it's really like in the picture plus the material is really nice and warm as well. I went for this pattern for it's playfulness as I've been really into wearing something really plain or monochrome while breaking it with some cute and infantile element. I can't help but think about LEGO bricks, ㅋㅋㅋ 

"Cloudy Seoul is a song by korean indie band called Mot (못) from album called Strange Season.
I used this name, because the pronunciation is the same as "Cloudy soul" and both meanings matters here I would say.
What's more, when you look how the band's name is written, it reminds me of a simple human image which was somehow fitting to the whole concept of this outfit, as the cardigan's pattern is somehow LEGO'ish as well as the girl and boy on my Korean socks."

February 4, 2014

Seoul I said, the start of the travel

Hi there ~
Some of you already know, some doesn't...
Right now, I'm in a big hassle cause there's a super long journey ahead...
Because I'm going to Seoul for a few days
Tadaaaah ~

I'm literally out of my mind, because for a time being,there is no other place I'd like to visit as much as Seoul -  South Korea's capital...
The idea was born right after our (Mine and my friend's Haru) arrival from Paris this September (I haven't talked about that before, but we just spontaneously went to Paris for 2 days, cause we needed a little coup d'état of our own before the end of holidays and my friend's departure. So we had no hotel and sort of hitchhiked there, it was a survival yet we had probably not enough as we set this plan, while waiting in the night Prague for our morning buses and trains back home)
(But we even visited Oscar Wilde's tomb x)

It's actually really scary, because I'm exactly the type who gets lost almost everywhere...

Seriously...if you're watching winner tv show for example, and you saw 2nd episode, just imagine it wasn't Jinwoo there but me, cause I wouldn't carry on that challenge better :D
I really see myself doing exactly those things, getting lost everywhere..:D
But you have to be thrown to the water sometimes to really learn how to swim.
I'm planing to take a loads of photos and spam afterwards, mapping all the amazing places we'll visit there..(if my airplane won't fall down right after taking off which would be sort of typical actually,..if so, I'm gonna swim there or walk there really cause I'm not gonna let this cookie to be taken from me...nah!)

Wish me luck then and see you maybe ...

January 4, 2014

Happy 2014 everyone

Ohisashiburi desu ne?

Hope everyone enjoyed the days of free time, eating a lots of Christmas food for free and not leaving home except when being forced by parents or a critical situation.

I haven't upload blog a lot recently, cause I was literally too lazy and busy (not only with work, I'm mostly busy with procrastinating -_-")
Buuut I'm back, as this is my last day at home before going back to Olomouc, when the cruel reality of hard studying and exams is awaiting me...

(and a really tasty punch I totally fell for this winter...)

So to anyone who wished me (and I haven't replied or even if I had) a happy new year :
I wish you to get most of that 361 days left x)

I really wanted to post a few photos of the last 3 months of my life, unfortunately, I'm the forever not getting photos from friends who promised to do so...
Therefore...I'm time x)

Despite all the upcoming exams, I should go through some shops till it's too late for a good bargains right? ^^
I´m in a need of a coat and winter boots so I´m just fearing the I will wake up to a completely white landscape.
I couldn't find any for which I would really pay the full prize when I went through shops before the Christmas holidays though. Now I can only hope I will still manage to find something usable in the sales. Am I too naive? Any tips to find a coat for a winter which would look good yet would be a bit warm as well? I have actually a lot of  pretty coats at some of the Internet clothes selling websites, but haven't managed to bought any...
Like those I like a lot.

I feel like I have an idea of the ideal coat in my head but I can't really connect to that image...but surely something baggy, yet elegant in some way...rather longer than shorter and what's my biggest dream is a huuuuge hood. :D Am I being too much?
I feel like this has a shape I would really love in other pattern..**
Having similar problems?

Anyway, wish me luck as the hardest part of my exams is still coming, I wish you as well even if it's for your exams as well or just for hunting some great bargains out there...

PS: I was lucky to got sponsored by a paged called persunmall from which are those coats as well. Therefore a review coming soon~

October 21, 2013

Britain's and Ireland's next top model 7

I left this article laying unfinished for too long to even remember who was in this cycle so this is quite an exacting task for me to go through photos from their photo shoots and remember who I liked and who I didn't.

October 15, 2013

Barefoot Children Leaving Homes [LB POST] [sololita wig] [photoshoot]

As I promised with a teaser I'm back with a proper look. This is even more autumn like than it was in my head, but as the weather is pretty nice (or was during the weekend) I don't mind. I'm not that much of an autumn fan as I'm spring's fan, I love this type of an autumn, when you can roam the streets, kicking the piles of colorful leaves on the ground...It's magical isn't it?
You can see a cat tights in this look as well, that's one of my biggest addiction recently or since the holidays at least. I will write about them for sure a bit later, because I couldn't end up just with one pair...rabbits,bears or Tottoro would look as amazing as a cat a thought :D

October 13, 2013

Sololita wig and accessories [sponsored review]

A few weeks ago, I was approached by an online (mostly) lolita clothes shop sololita (sort of bodyline I would say) and got a few sponsored things of my choice. As I've been longing for a short black (or dark) wig, I took advantage of this and went through their offer of wigs (I don't wear lolita anymore, or almost not at all so It didn't feel right to buy JSK,skirt or so...). Eventually I was torn apart the one I bought and two other short wigs (rather light brown). I got a few accessories as well. 

I got the package after 3-4 weeks after the expedition in a nicely packed box. (Actually it was box in box and many other protective wrappers.
Except the wig, I went for this (all black :D) accessories, long heart pattern stockings, velvet choker and a bracelet (I actually picked a different one, but got this.)

October 12, 2013

日本語の大学生になりました [I've become a university student of Japanese]

It's been 3 weeks since I moved to Olomouc (a historical city,the 6th biggest in Czech republic) and since my university life has started.
Now I have a clearer idea of what it's gonna be like (lol not, but let's say I know now at least the smallest part of it I could grasp after such a short time)
Despite living in a dormitory, where I was supposed to be sharing one room with 2 another girls, we are still only two and since the 3rd day after my arrival, I'm the only one there. (My room mate is missing..the only thing what's left is a cucumber and a pack of potatoes, both are starting to rot already.)
Therefore, there was still no reason to do a research of libraries and places to study (hide) yet or get out of my shell completely.
However, I'm trying my best to be socially active, every hikikomori of mine dimension would praise me for sure xP
But it's actually much friendlier there. Maybe it's the whole Faculty of Arts or the Japanese studies, but I really love the feeling you can usually talk to anybody from your branch of study despite you don't really know them.
But rather than spaming with all these, I will just show you a few (a very few) pictures I made.

September 25, 2013

Fay 3 Tone Grey and Geo Big GrangGrang Choco REVIEW

I've been preparing this review for a while now (or rather I forgot about this post which has been left unfinished) as it's more than a year I received those two pairs of circle lenses ordered from I stopped using them during this spring, when they started to be uncomfortable, but that's normal for all 1 year disposal circle lenses. I don't even recommend wearing them the whole year as they could probably cause some damage to your eyes.
I was fairly content with this online shop, with the communication as well as the speed of shipping.
What's more, the prizes seems to be a lil lower in comparison with other on-line shops.
It's also rather advantageous to order more than only one pair of circle lenses so you'd get a free shipping.
The last but not least pro of this store is the reviews which helped me a lot in deciding which pair to buy.

EOS Fay 3 Tone Grey

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal
Brand: E.O.S

Firstly, I went for this gray pair of lenses, 'cause I wanted something natural, which would enlarge my eyes and make them a bit lighter.
This lenses didn't make my eyes lighter, but enlarged them fabulously. Many people didn't even recognized that I'm having some circle lenses on, because they blended so nicely. (for example my mum XD)  I'm also thankful for that thin black brim which usually just can't look really natural on light eyes (rather UFO like which I like as well, but not for everyday use or for school) 

Comfort :
I wore them mainly too school but also for a few parties and they were always really comfortable.
Color : 4/5
 Design : 4,5/5
Enlargement: 5/5
They really made my eyes look much bigger than even some 15mm circle lenses did.

In the end, I would surely recommend them, although I have no clue how would they look on a person with a dark eyes. For those, it would probably only add some enlargement and it wouldn't probably change the color or so.

Geo Big GrangGrang Choco

Diameter : 15.0mm
Water Content : 42%
 Life Span : 1 Year Disposal
Brand: Geo Medical
I wanted some dark circle lenses which would make my eyes look bambi-ish, but not really unnatural I used to have before. That was the reason why I went for brown and not black circle lenses and I'm content with my pick. Rather then a black brim around the corners simple black circle lenses would create, this one blended nicely and created the brown fading into gray/green effect.
Comfort : 4,5/5
I wore them for hours just using eye drops (but I always do, I have to) and they was still ok, not to annoying.
Color : 3,5/5
I believe they are nothing amazing for dark eyes.
 Design : 4/5
Not to pixel -ish, blending nicely.
Enlargement: 5/5
Because of their simple design, they are well suited for light eyes, but I don't think they would add something to dark eyes more than the enlargement.
I like experimenting, therefore I don't consider buying them again, but I would surely recommend them x)