August 31, 2011


At Sunday, I was shopping all together with my bro and parents in the near shopping park centre in Ostrava (I'm also planing to make a post-about-newly-bought-clothes :D) and I was so desperately searching for a school satchel I had on my mind...
But there was nothing, so I ended up buying this

 (and I was quite content with it repeating to myself that it looks like a chocolate) and then, I opened Lookbook page yesterday and saw this!!!

But it's a really expensive thing I can't afford...
Or the pink one **!
Having a red satchel seems like a dream **
But, once, I absolutely have to have one! *(°o°)*y

And yes, I intentionally ignore the fact, that today is the last day of holiday 2011...!!! T.T :OOOOOOOOOO

Melting down

Because Angelic Pretty really has the power to made me enthusiastic *.*
Thanks Maki, Thanks Asuka for your being ♥♥♥

Me while browsing AP'S new collection..

You know, even the shoes looked super cute...
Than the Royal Chocolate series...Mainly recently, I'm so into this chocolate combination..I never really like brown too much, but when it comes to this combinations... I just can go crazy about it..

Things I have such a big crush on ... 

And then the coats...the super chocolate coat and super colored coat!


And then it came!

 I don't know how many from you know about my huge (really HUGE) hats (bowler hats, cylinders etc) obsession *_* And these are just too amazing to not made me wanna have them all!!! XD

I've melted once again :D hehe
No doubts! WONDER STORY is one of the best print I've ever seen *_________* It's fabulous and I still can't say which color version I like the most.. The baby blue probably...but the wine-colored, or black or even the pink one **
Do you see these flying macaroons, the red-eyed usa-chan and Alice books..And the usa flying on the book?!... 

 The burgundy and black one are the best with that gathered lace collar 
And the baby blue and sweet pink look amazing with the Peter Pan's collar (I'm so in love with and I'm planing to make some to wear it with everything XD)

 And you can also take the collar off **


I should stop drooling...
And what about you? What do you like the most from the recent AP series? And what do you actually think about Royal Chocolate and Wonder Story?

August 12, 2011

Journey Under A Midnight Sun

White night during which logic gets twisted...crimes get justified...
And he noticed that when they're together,they keep sinking deeper and deeper into a quagmire of crimes

Maybe I've started spaming with it a way too much, but still..this drama blow my mind, and muddle my emotions...
And this melody helps it.

August 10, 2011

3 faces of mine

As I promised...

Then my look from our nature-seeing tour xD

And the last one...