August 31, 2012

Good blogger NOT

After every event,traveling or meeting I always feel full of enthusiasm and energy to spam all of ya with useless things about me,my (NO)life and I turn quite a good blogger.
Then, the enthusiasm fades away and until another event,which brings a new wind to my life, I'm mostly unable to create any post or bring myself to create any. Cause I repeat myself "noone really cares" Until I stop caring about this sentence, my blog become as dead as it was last weeks.
But a new wind is coming..I feel it, and I will finally bring you some posts about
-resuming my holidays
-about some dramas I've watched
-about Japan Expo I promised to people considering to attend the next year
-about many things I have bought, bleached, re-made etc.
-about my k-pop fashion inspirations
-some reviews on things and mainly circle lenses
And then maybe some other sorry-explanation-including post, about how bad blogger I'm and how I haven't post for a months once again XDDD

August 23, 2012

Dolldelight giveaway

As I once said, I'm truly grateful to all of those who make giveaways possible even for us-people without facebook x)
And this is even more awesome as it is circle lenses giftcard and you know how crazily I love circle lenses (my another 2 pairs are on the way to their mummy nooow :D)
So feel free to check this out