February 15, 2013

Losing romwee virginity

So even I have finally ordered something from the well known all trends having website  ROMWE.
But actually, I'm quite skeptical, when it comes to it, cause frankly, that's just well dressed ebay or aliexpress or wholesale-dress with a bit bigger prizes.
But this...

February 14, 2013

Rain sound [Lookbook post] - give us a ♥

We're participating in a Valentine contest with a pair look together with Haru, cause we wanted to manifest a bit against the classical Happy Love side of Valentine.
Personally, I'm not fan of this holiday anyway, but as I'm procrastinating on doing school work, I really felt like participating :D
Because it's about hearts this time, If you like it a bit, give us yours please. ♥

The concept was an unfortunate boy love in the world of k-pop (we are really infected, don't tell us :D)
So we tried to follow the concept and for each of us, BAP's rain sound became a huge inspiration.
Wish us a luck then ;)