May 28, 2011


A look from the day I had my new circle lenses for the first time on..I heard so many times that it looks so doll-eyes alike...


And again, some others...again with many stupid,infantile ect face expressions in the same place like usual, our not so splendid bathroom...

May 27, 2011

Harajuku picnic

Almost two weeks ago I was in Prague at a Harajuku picnic, for this time  like a little unlooked-for host, cause my friend Haru also turned 18 years that day and I wanted to bring myself like a present..XD
And I'm really glad I've been there, because I haven't been for such a long time at any meeting like this so I've almost forgotten how terribly superb feeling is to be at meet-up like this - with many kind and stylish people around. Being there, just hack around with them while eating muffins, chatting or browsing some hand-made products someone's been a heaven for someone like me - really x)

May 23, 2011

She is gonna die so say a good bye

The name I've used could appear a little scary, but sometimes, I just woke up with some sentence in my mind which I'm repeating for the whole day...
And this is it...XD

May 21, 2011

Sorry Alice we are having a party under the ground

The last photos from an ANIMEFEST (which I was speaking about HERE) photo shootings, again thanks Pepu for this amazing photos...(and I've already looked like some zombie XD)


May 18, 2011

Doll from creepy land

Some photos from the second day of Animefest I was speaking  HERE.

All thanks for these photos go to my dear friend Pepu ♥


And more photos here :

Hypnotize them with your sight

My circle lenses finally came!!! (after about month of waiting and it was ordered from Czech republic!!!)
Actually they came on Monday, when I also wear them for first just for trying them out, but it was real hell to put them on (but putting them - of course another one-his full red lenses- into eyes of my bro was done in a minute!!!-lucky him and poor me poking at my eyes for so long!)..
And today, I wore them to school, and everyone was staring so persistently... but it was a fun..noone noticed, that I'm missing of another teeth, that I can't speak well and therefore I almost don't speak at all...(the preparation for my upcoming dental braces)...

And here's a proof..
(but I was living in a big mistake, cause I really thought, that they will be whole black..-_-)

May 17, 2011

Zoey is tha best

Na konci minulého týdny mi přišlo balení placek, které jsem si nechávala vyrobit přes Zoey (která je zase dělala přes Trilla a zbytkový materiál z Advíku 2010)

May 15, 2011

I have grown up much more handsome

And the photos from the first day of Animefest 2011.

Lookbook :

And here are some other photos, if I'm really sorry, that they aren't edited and even the quality or visibility of this outfit aren't the best...
Thanks everyone for the photos ♥ (mainly Gedž in this post x)

 And photos from the night taken by Katy-chan the most beautiful ballet girl I've ever met ♥

 (What I'm wearing and so on is written at my LB post ^^ - too lazy of course)

Thanks for attention ♥

Saturday with polymer clay

Although it was the Saturday 2 weeks ago, I'm posting it only now... I spent a really long time by playing with the clay which arrived a few days before... My sis was having a birthday in a few days and Haru as same, so I was in urgent to create something presentable ^^

So... brooch I've made for my sister :
Rings I've made (the ribbons still without the metal circle)
dotted one for Haru
And a pan-cakes for which I have to make a plate before I will change them into a ring 

Necklace : originally it was a simple glasses necklace, but I really love this tome of modified glasses, so at least I made a necklace like this for me (and in the future I hope in having this type of real sun glasses too *.*)

And some pendants 
Crosses for Haru : 

  and these others for me... 

I also do think about creating some rings or pendants or something for sale,because it still doesn't look good with my chase for part-time job for holiday -_-"

Animefest 2011

I've decided to divide my photos from the whole amazing weekend into 4 parts :D
This is the first about whole 3 days I've spent with my dearest (if some was still missing) friends at one of the best Czech anime festival called Animefest (actually the 8th year) in 6.-8.5. 2011 .

Now I will post some photos outside the photo shoots, so I hope the people I'm on photos with won't be against it ^^ (I'm sorry xD)

May 14, 2011

Like this

...Silný spánkový deficit...
...únava, začínající nemoc a otravná rýma....
...spousta nápadů pro nadcházející články, nahromaděné fotografie,ale No energy for it....
...plán ohledně školní přípravy zamítnut...

May 11, 2011

Sorry mum, Your daughter is a junkie

I'm sorry mum, now you're a mother of a junkie...

And I still clearly remember the moment I was told by you to do anything I want to do, but never start  with drugs...That it's the only thing which is out of the question...