May 15, 2011

Animefest 2011

I've decided to divide my photos from the whole amazing weekend into 4 parts :D
This is the first about whole 3 days I've spent with my dearest (if some was still missing) friends at one of the best Czech anime festival called Animefest (actually the 8th year) in 6.-8.5. 2011 .

Now I will post some photos outside the photo shoots, so I hope the people I'm on photos with won't be against it ^^ (I'm sorry xD)

It was my second year of this fest and I with my bro,his friend Dante and a few other friends of mine, we departed about 9 o'clock in the morning and set up for a 4 hours of traveling in the train.. But this year, because we traveled together everything was really fun. x)
And when we arrived to Brno, we still had a much of time, so we took many photos x)
Photo with a little Ellie :3
With Gedže 
We from the behind of the end of the world :D (isn't there the many the? nevermind)
(Photo was taken in our hotel room, where we spent the first night... the second one was unfortunately without sleeping - pure suicide)
With Pepu (on the left)and Haru (on the right)
And me and Haru together 
Everyone looked just amazing... but I don't feel like posting my photos of them on my blog so at least I will use a photos where we're together...  A photo with Katy-chan which I actually saw for my first time!♥
Pet-chan in the cosplay of Ciel Phantomhive from anime called Kuroshitsuji looked really stunning *.*
  This whole feels like photos behind the scenes ♥..  It's from the friday's evening when we were hanging around the city. 

I love looking at this photos (or any others from events like this and other meets-up again and again)
New pastels! (edit : Mean Girls) 

With my dearest Shirahime ♥
With the biggest icon from Czech republic - Kira 
Who's not actually the highest one xD 
 Ejzan's cosplayer :D (Someone who really looked totally the same, like our friend Ejzan) was so strange until Shirahime said us, that it's his little brother :D
 Kitsune and Neadirian (Terezka) : they both looked awesome, but my photos together with them aren't as good as this one XD ♥
Me and Haru 
And because we've been really  worn-out the third day, there's no photos but the photos I'm going to finish this so long and so fulled of photos post ...the last moments from train (thanks Gedž for borrowing me her glasses)
So see you next year (and in the many many next posts I'm preparing XD)
And once again, thanks everyone for spending this time with me ♥

+ what I've watched review : (believe me, it's really short XD)
- Loups=Garous : not so good... annoying main character and not so good story
- Colorful (2010) : Really good movie... nice concept, strong feelings and the whole piece really touched me and made me cry xD 


  1. it was a huge great experience to see u ,,live" *smile* u all look wonderful *yay*

  2. This Animefest was even better than the last one and I just can't wait for the next. (I'll have my maturita but do I care? XD) ♥ And everyone looked so stunning. *__*

  3. ,,Who's not actually the highest one xD "

    Owww I wanted to be there sooo much T_T

    ...By the way, on the last photos in the train you're with one of my classmates...:D Ways are crossed again. :D (Fells so...weird! :D)

  4. I really loved being there with you. Next year again n_n