May 11, 2011

Sorry mum, Your daughter is a junkie

I'm sorry mum, now you're a mother of a junkie...

And I still clearly remember the moment I was told by you to do anything I want to do, but never start  with drugs...That it's the only thing which is out of the question...

I've realized there's only one thing I'm addicted at. Even the importance of oxygen isn't as meaningful for me, because I don't cling on living, but while I'm still alive, I can't live without chocolate. I can be without anything other, but not without chocolate cause the lack of it made me nervous, unable to think clearly, do anything meaningful and also made my life miserable even more than it is.
Recently I realized  my addiction and while looking back, I really can't tell the last day I've survived without chocolate or at least one spoon of Nutella (can't get the meaning of  putting it on the bread...why? :O Ok, ok...cookies and things like that are acceptable)

I'm really sorry mum...-_-"
(just now, drinking a hot chocolate and eating chocolate...after the Nutella for my breakfast the first food I'm eating XDDD)
I'm really sorry mum...-_-"


  1. awww *big warm smile* kawaii. i think ur mum can get over it *laugh*

  2. Chocolate is such a drug. *.* I hate the fact that I can't eat too much of it. n_n