May 15, 2011

Saturday with polymer clay

Although it was the Saturday 2 weeks ago, I'm posting it only now... I spent a really long time by playing with the clay which arrived a few days before... My sis was having a birthday in a few days and Haru as same, so I was in urgent to create something presentable ^^

So... brooch I've made for my sister :
Rings I've made (the ribbons still without the metal circle)
dotted one for Haru
And a pan-cakes for which I have to make a plate before I will change them into a ring 

Necklace : originally it was a simple glasses necklace, but I really love this tome of modified glasses, so at least I made a necklace like this for me (and in the future I hope in having this type of real sun glasses too *.*)

And some pendants 
Crosses for Haru : 

  and these others for me... 

I also do think about creating some rings or pendants or something for sale,because it still doesn't look good with my chase for part-time job for holiday -_-"


  1. To jsou úžasnosti *_*
    Jsi šikovná ^^

  2. oh my my it's awesome! I've said it before and i´m saying it now too - ur so handy!

  3. The things you make are amazing, I think you should start to sell them. ^^