November 23, 2011


Old one. Old times. Or just older...a bit.

I also come to conclusion, that this world needs unicorns to be better...
And if they really exist, I hope they´re as cute as some imaginations I run across x)

November 9, 2011

Wanna be a Peter Pan

Peter Pan's collars..
Collars of every shape,color and pattern..
Just collars..
Wanna have them all :D

So I made a few..

And I'm still in the process of making next, and improving these x)
Now the time for shirt-collars!

November 7, 2011

I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?"

This is Halloween!
Halloween Halloween Halloween  Halloween!
Or it was..:D
Do you also love the song as much as I do? Really, I was singing it a few days before and also at the big day like non-stop!

Unfortunately, the 31st of October was a Monday this year, so I celebrated it on Saturday at Ostrava with my friends where the Halloween themed meeting took place ♥


Although I was a bit scared to go to some of Ostrava's meeting after such a long time (Yeah! I was SCARED too XD) but it turned out as an amazing day and evening (and night I spent with Fabi and Elisse) ♥

 And one more thing...Have you ever noticed the similarity of Naruto and Kaleido star? We have! XD

November 6, 2011

Dir en grey's gig in Budapest

I přes to, že tohle možná nebyla ta nejlepší doba vidět je..
I přes to, že starší Diru tvorba mě brala více...
I přes to, že jsem vstávala několik minut před vlakem, malovala se ve vlaku a vrátila se s pravou nohou několikrát větší než byla ta levá...
I přes všechny nástrahy cesty, horkého počasí, zákeřných Maďarek a nehorázné tlačenice..
I přes to, že jsem během prvních songů myslela, že to vzdám a odejdu někam dozadu než mě zabijí...
I přes to všechno..I've got to see them..FINALLY♥
A byl to šílený zážitek ... 

(a i když jsem právě sepsala jen hromadu nicneříkajících plků, nemohla jsem tady nezanechat alespoň malou zmínku...)

Also because I only realized at home, that I didn't thank properly to the person which made me enable to be there, I would like to again say thanks to her ♥

And also the others thanks to them I enjoyed it even more ♥ ...

New accessories

I've realized how little accessories I have...
Then I was at Levné knihy store (Cheap books) and saw these necklaces I just had to have!
(I wanted something Paris inspired anyway, cause I'm going there this spring with a sight-seeing school trip)
The ring is from Gate
And this set of badges is my prize from Pet-chan's competition Princess under a spell I won (even it offend a few people)

And another mound of new things from recent are presents my mum brought me from England (such a surprise!)
Black mini hat with tulle
pink flower headband 
tights with "garters with bows"
two black tights(zebra and giraffe)
violet knee-hight socks
and a big pack of English black tea (yay! for my even more english mornings..Have you known how desperately in love am I with black tea with milk?)