November 6, 2011

New accessories

I've realized how little accessories I have...
Then I was at Levné knihy store (Cheap books) and saw these necklaces I just had to have!
(I wanted something Paris inspired anyway, cause I'm going there this spring with a sight-seeing school trip)
The ring is from Gate
And this set of badges is my prize from Pet-chan's competition Princess under a spell I won (even it offend a few people)

And another mound of new things from recent are presents my mum brought me from England (such a surprise!)
Black mini hat with tulle
pink flower headband 
tights with "garters with bows"
two black tights(zebra and giraffe)
violet knee-hight socks
and a big pack of English black tea (yay! for my even more english mornings..Have you known how desperately in love am I with black tea with milk?)

1 comment:

  1. love the necklace with pearls *-*
    and also things you got from your mum ^^