January 15, 2013

Presents for and by myself [shopping update]

I didn't get many presents this year not for my birthday not even for the Christmas (cause there's only 3 day difference between these two events) because I got a new bed,a wardrobe and I sort of rebuilt my room.
 However, there are a few new things I have as this bag and super cheap tights I bought myself in Tesco for 30CK only (like not even 1,5$$ 
Then a flawless sheer shirt with little koalas and studds on its collar ** together with kitty bracelet (I can collect them now, I have 3 color variation now x) by my panda friend Haru
Black&wine collar necklace by Elisse, black ear cuff which I've already almost lost and a Minho card I actually saved from damnation cause there's so much hatred among my friends...
Like..common guys, he likes Taemin he can't be bad :D
And few last pieces from F&F sales ♥
(And cause I'm doing a little wardrobe change, there's a much bigger shopping post coming.
If you are interested in things I'm selling from my current clothes, just click HERE FOR MY VOTOČVOHOZ where I'm step by step adding things. Feel free to write me here if you want something and have no profile there ;)

January 8, 2013

Last fragments of 2012 [photo diary]

in photos...
Photos my sister took for me because of reasons...

I took this before P.E. cause all those colors remind me of a friend fabi.an ♥
New flavor of a crisps I'm so in love with (except the black version with balsamico, that is horrible!)
I have like zillion of those photos cause I couldn't get enough of the longhaired feeling...And I was ill, having nothing to do (not) so cutting my wig XD
(it's edit and make-up free so...I look even more sick than I was XD)

From a day spent with one of a friend of mine I haven't seen for ages, so we met and eventually went to see Hobit ^^
Christmas insight at my sisters

Qnd one of the grossest thing I've seen recently..McDonald at night...like really, it was so awful,I'm normally strongly against it, so seeing all this, smelling the horrible sweetish odor and the mess around just confirmed me in why I hate it so much.

Not to finish this post with such a horrible photos,,XD

January 5, 2013

At the turn of the year 2012/2013 [photos overdose]

Hi everyone x)
I hope you all had amazing time during the Christmas holidays and spent a nice New Years Eve as well ^^
I was like buried in the whole amount of things I should have done but I done nothing at all.. It's really impossible how unable I'm to drive myself into doing something in this crucial time.
Anyway, I spent a few days in Prague again, as we use to meet for the New Years Eve and enjoyed it really much. We did many many things I won't describe in detail, but I'm enclosing many photos which should say more than any words possible.