September 27, 2011

In the memory of my biggest hero...


Cause today, it's exactly a year from the day he died..also from the day, I should see him.
But it ended up like this...
I'm enclosing one of the older songs called Jane in the rye from Citizen Bridge... 

September 25, 2011

City Hunter

I have been watching City Hunter for a few last days and after yesterday marathon from 5pm to 5am there've remained only 2 last eps I've just finished.

And what to say about the whole series?
  •  The start and the end was the best about whole series.
  • Lee Min Ho was cool at fighting scenes (and a few others) but overall...the fading of his character really disappointed me...
     but I had got crush on the Choe Eung Chan's flunkey **
    (here my mini album of his screens made by me XD)

  •  In my opinion, there was also too much wanna-be romantic parts, but that was the essential mistake of creators..putting it too much that the main plot is shaded,presently almost forgetting about the whole romantic thing...
  •  But the whole idea was great, the parts in Thailand masterpiece as same as some of the fighting scenes, the middle part was boring and sometime annoying (mainly for these who watch it at once as I did) and the end was really emotional..(thanks god, that they didn't tried to make the usual drama happy end of everyone being happy in the end XD)

  • And the soundtrack was amaziiing!
    (And everyobedy was ebautiful & handsome, rich and well clothed..who actually cares about the story hm? Common, Lee Min Ho's taking a shower there, crying and hurting a lot!!! :D

     Overall.. like 6.9/10

    Here a teaser 

September 9, 2011

Harajuku blog giveaway

Jo..zbožňuji osobu, která dala vzniku prvnímu giveaway a všem, kteří tohle šíří ♥

September 7, 2011

Don't be dummy, come to mummy! ♥_♥

Recently, I ordered a few things...
You know that don't you? Having some money at your paypal is evil, cause you just don't perceive them like a real money (or at least, I do so..xP)
And yesterday, both of my orders came!

The A-mazing BB cream (with amazing smell) from ebay and my i.fairy pink flower circle lenses from iszofashion(16.2mm ! And they're like -REALLY HUGE!). I also got a cute lenses cases with pink rabbits. *.*

About BB cream : I heard so many compliments about it,so I also expected much. I haven't been using any make-up until now except some light face powder, so this thing looked really ideal for me... And it really turned ideal... :D

About lenses i.Fairy Hana Pink : Even I waited for quite a long time, I got the amazing case I didn't expect. Lenses are really HUGE, but because of that they're not as comfortable. But they really look fairy like and as my mum said, I look like a fairy-tale character. The pink also isn't that noticeable, so from a far, it looks like a mega enlarging circle lenses.

And here few photos from today ;)

Recently, I've really fallen for circle lenses and I have a big crush for a few another I'm also ordering in a few days .D

September 5, 2011

Let me introduce my new obsession...

...called Len Kagamine ♥

You know..real boys no longer interest me :D
(and thanks to Spice I really fall for him, even most of the really catchy songs of him have such a stupid texts XD)

Marionette *.*


September 4, 2011

Yay for Pastel Raindrops Giveaway!

I've always wanted to take part in some Giveaway, but because my FaceBook profile no longer exists it wasn't possible...But when I got know, that Mio Babylove, one of my most favorite bloggers didn't require it I was truly happy (even I have like no luck bů -_-)


September 3, 2011

One day spent with Elisse

I was so looking for for the Monday 29.8. we should go shopping and hanging around with Elisse, and guess what?!
(This time, for almost 2 hours!)
In the end, I made it up so El didn't have to wait for too long, but still, I'm such a hopeless person...*(ToT)*

Other things about this day was wonderful...really!

And thanks to Elisse for taking some photos of my outfit x)

September 1, 2011

Promised shopping update

Firstly, we drop in something like Czech car-boot sale (och I so miss the car-boot sale I've experience last summer in England..many clothes and accessories **) where I bought a Sailor moon pen case and stick-on shinny stones for decorations (and here's a photo of my again a little more decorated call-phone!)

And here are the things I bought... most of them (maybe really each of them :D) was something from sales so it was really cheap! ♥

And  things for school..

Bye bye for now~ *(^o^)*