September 7, 2011

Don't be dummy, come to mummy! ♥_♥

Recently, I ordered a few things...
You know that don't you? Having some money at your paypal is evil, cause you just don't perceive them like a real money (or at least, I do so..xP)
And yesterday, both of my orders came!

The A-mazing BB cream (with amazing smell) from ebay and my i.fairy pink flower circle lenses from iszofashion(16.2mm ! And they're like -REALLY HUGE!). I also got a cute lenses cases with pink rabbits. *.*

About BB cream : I heard so many compliments about it,so I also expected much. I haven't been using any make-up until now except some light face powder, so this thing looked really ideal for me... And it really turned ideal... :D

About lenses i.Fairy Hana Pink : Even I waited for quite a long time, I got the amazing case I didn't expect. Lenses are really HUGE, but because of that they're not as comfortable. But they really look fairy like and as my mum said, I look like a fairy-tale character. The pink also isn't that noticeable, so from a far, it looks like a mega enlarging circle lenses.

And here few photos from today ;)

Recently, I've really fallen for circle lenses and I have a big crush for a few another I'm also ordering in a few days .D


  1. Those lenses are fuckin' amazing. O.o

  2. Welcome to the BB cream addicts family. ^^ (My nightmare now is that one day I'll try to apply it and there won't be any left. :O) And these lenses are super-creepy. *-*

  3. You look so cute and sweet *-* and those lenses are just.. wonderful ♥

  4. wow you look so pretty with the lenses on. so cute <3