September 1, 2011

Promised shopping update

Firstly, we drop in something like Czech car-boot sale (och I so miss the car-boot sale I've experience last summer in England..many clothes and accessories **) where I bought a Sailor moon pen case and stick-on shinny stones for decorations (and here's a photo of my again a little more decorated call-phone!)

And here are the things I bought... most of them (maybe really each of them :D) was something from sales so it was really cheap! ♥

And  things for school..

Bye bye for now~ *(^o^)*


  1. Papučky! So cute! Papučky!!! :D

  2. Jé, máš snad stejný nebo podobný tričko s králíčkama jako Terezka :D Moc hezký jsou ty květovaný šaty :) Ten penálek nebo co to je se Sailor Moon je prostě skvělěj! :D