February 28, 2012

Resin world

As those, who bought something from me at Christmas lolita meet-up, already know, I've started working with resin and this week-end I finished the second batch comprised mainly of rings and badges x)
They will be available at my Votočvohoz profile  soon so I hope you will like/buy some XD

Here something from the previous batch x)
(thanks for those who provided me photos of things they had bought ♥)

February 18, 2012

Feelings of nostalgia

If my life  would have a melody, recently, it would be this one...

Even though I have a huge amount of materials for posting...
I don't see a meaning in it...for now.

February 12, 2012

Closet Cleaning

A taky..v posledních dnech začínám plnit svůj Votoč vohoz profil věcmi z mého šatníku k prodeji. Tentokrát to bude celkem intenzivní čístka. Tenhle způsob mi příjde mnohem praktičtější, kvůli toho, že to bude jakkoliv dlouho neustále na očích. Kdyby měl tedy někdo zájem...---> ZDE

Pro ty, jenž nemají profil na VV ať mi napíšou tady, nebo na email gumitko@centrum.cz

February 10, 2012

CC Nixie

Taky jsem byla požádána o zveřejnění CC Nixi, takže asi pro české..x)

Becky Bloomwoods's Wardrobe review

A few days back, my order from Becky Bloomwoods's Wardrobe arrived.

It was only this two items, but the shipping was free and I just needed this big-bow-highwaisted belt, because I fell in love with them when they were in H&M but I didn't make it to buy any so I just couldn't resist.
However this one is much different, but I don't mind as long as it looks as elegant as it does. And it's really practical cause it doesn't create any weird bulges, because it somehow hug your waist or so XD
Than I bought this satin knee-hight socks. They are really amazing! I can't wait for spring to try them out. They are non-transparent until you wear them as over-knee high socks, then the blue become a little greenish, still, the print is amazing.

Overall, it was worth buying, even thought I'm not quite sure with other things cause there are no sizes or so...really puzzling...
 Still, it was here like in a month maybe even earlier..x)