April 14, 2012

Prague with sis

I'd like to drop a few worlds about my little trip to Prague on last Sun.
We went there with my sister early in the morning and spent the day by shopping and going round the shops.
We've watched both, sunrise and sunset from behind the train's windows while talking.
I miss times we spent much more time together.
No quality at all..I know...
It was really cold that day...

In the end, I asked sister to take a photo of my outfit, even though the only possible place I could take off my coat was train station and we had already run out of time...

As it was Easter Sunday, there weren't many people in shops and I've also seen the biggest H&M Sale part ever!!!
And bought the hat I wanted to buy in Paris where it was nowhere to found...I just couldn't get rid of my thoughts about it...

And eventually ..@notetomyself
Never again do the same mistake as usual...many layers just aren't suited for shopping days...!!!><"

April 9, 2012

Mon séjour à Paris

But I won't write it in French, do not worry hehe...
So from the Mo 26.3. to Fri 30.3I took part in a school excursion tour offered by my school to all these studying French.

I think, it's not necessary to write in detail about each day or monument I've seen and visited. My camera got broken right after my arrival, so I took some photos just with my phone, but in the end, they have its charm and I can get other "well took" photos from other participants anyway.(at least I hope so).

So I'll write down some impression, ideas and post them together with some photos and I will create a separate post for outfits photos (not very much, but I was determined to do not leave before my outfits will be documented xD

Tenshi no tumblr

Even though I miss the main wave of addiction on tumblr, still, I'm here with a new profile of mine.
I was a huge stalker of this side for a really long time, now the time of joining has come xD
I just find really great to post about myself through pictures and these stupid things there..
And I won't become addicted anymore (as the time already passed XD)

April 6, 2012

New Utopia

A little more photos to my two second looks I've posted x)
(Any clothes resemblance are just coincidental = NOT. It's just due to my bounded options of only a few pieces I brought to Prague for that week-end.)

And the second (actually first one)

And one special one which story is known just by a few friends of mine xD
(by Mangino - Photographer)

April 2, 2012

le party hard

And an amazing weekend I spent with my friends two weeks ago in Prague (as it used to be).
A Tokyo Drift party took place there I really wanted to attend as I had become really hooked on the idea of participating. I even missed the Ostrava's first anime screening con -Ostracon, but at least I left Prague early in the Sunday morning to attend an after-ostracon-lolita tea-room meeting. Even though My lolita was crumpled by the 5 hours long traveling (Still yay for regiojet as I'm officially an addict or at least a big fan of these much more comfortable trains-and even so much cheaper!!!)

But step-by-step.