April 14, 2012

Prague with sis

I'd like to drop a few worlds about my little trip to Prague on last Sun.
We went there with my sister early in the morning and spent the day by shopping and going round the shops.
We've watched both, sunrise and sunset from behind the train's windows while talking.
I miss times we spent much more time together.
No quality at all..I know...
It was really cold that day...

In the end, I asked sister to take a photo of my outfit, even though the only possible place I could take off my coat was train station and we had already run out of time...

As it was Easter Sunday, there weren't many people in shops and I've also seen the biggest H&M Sale part ever!!!
And bought the hat I wanted to buy in Paris where it was nowhere to found...I just couldn't get rid of my thoughts about it...

And eventually ..@notetomyself
Never again do the same mistake as usual...many layers just aren't suited for shopping days...!!!><"


  1. Krásná jako vždy! :3
    A krásný nákup - obvzlášť to tílko s kočičkou! ^^

    1. Ve skutečnosti byly mé nákupy téměř honbou za tím, co jsem si chtěla koupit ve Francii,ale nekoupila..a to tílko byla jedna z těchhle věcí, stejně tak klobouček. ♥

  2. heh I have the same polka dot tee with kitty ^^ It was must have :D

  3. Amazing outfit! I FOLLOW YOU please follow me back THANKS! :D

  4. Wow your dress is so cute!! とても可愛いです。So dreamy

  5. I like your post so much! This outfit is really gorgeous!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others:

  6. I love the outfit you are wearing! It´s so cute :)