April 9, 2012

Mon séjour à Paris

But I won't write it in French, do not worry hehe...
So from the Mo 26.3. to Fri 30.3I took part in a school excursion tour offered by my school to all these studying French.

I think, it's not necessary to write in detail about each day or monument I've seen and visited. My camera got broken right after my arrival, so I took some photos just with my phone, but in the end, they have its charm and I can get other "well took" photos from other participants anyway.(at least I hope so).

So I'll write down some impression, ideas and post them together with some photos and I will create a separate post for outfits photos (not very much, but I was determined to do not leave before my outfits will be documented xD

We left on Mo around midday and reached Paris during the sunrise Tues, which was really beautiful and  it  increased  the atmosphere even more. (Mainly after that horrible travel I wasn't able to fall asleep at all :O)

Luxembourg's gardens..
And a shop next to Centre Georges Pompidou.
And my new French friend!!!
How I hanged myself at Paris's sakura -_-"

The second day started with Versailles - huge an amazing place. I didn't imagine it as large as it was.
However I'm still quite surprised by France in total. I have an image in my mind that France is somehow into dark brown, brick red or something like that, but in the end it was all so creamy-white...
This one is almost like from Pride and Prejudice XD

Montmartre...(I've actually downloaded whole soundtrack from Amelie from Montmartre and listened it when we traveled somewhere-all together with Edith Piaf, Emilie Simon and Pride and Prejudice soundtrack.)
Right in front of Sacré Coer, a breathtaking view opened up for me while some street singer played his guitar, singing a song full of falsettos I love.
 I'm not sure if it was for the absolutely-blue-without-clouds-sky and white-dust-all-around-streets but I couldn't get rid of the feeling I'm in Italy, Rome or Greece.
Tramtadadaaa..the thing I couldn't wait for macaroons I recently fell for. Czech, you do not sell coco and caramel flavor???
I was pretty mad about finding some, really. It was like "I'm not in France until I want swallow some!!!"
How the last evening turn out..XD (not that much different from the others...much of various types of food mixed together)
And this is the scene of leaving my room in F1...Sad isn't it?
(I'm such a funny creature, I got came back to got my Paul box in the end to take it home :D)
And how the last day started...
Although I'm not the person who thinks, that Paris is only Eiffel tower, I really enjoyed hanging around it, taking photos and speaking with kind Chinas people and some French monsieur (who thought I'm "japonais" r from Monacca (avec mon école xD)
Ach...such a terrible feeling to go up if you're terrified of heights!!!
Really...Paris suits me. During the whole staying I wondered about me being more Paris or London person, I'm still not sure. Maybe I'm really more London person, still as a huge city, Paris captivated me with all the rush and great amount of people. I was like in a heaven running through these crowds, and like in a hell coming back to the God's forgotten place I live in.

Really, these cosmopolitan places...♥
In the end as the last thing before leaving was a sightseeing tour by a Bateaux Mouches = boat (however we stopped for a moment in Reims, to see a Notre Dame which was really imposing mainly due to all the lighting and midnight atmosphere ♥_♥)
The sun was setting down, wind started to be really chilly, still I enjoyed it in a really melancholic way as a faraway with the whole Paris, with things I've visited during that day. All these people around waving and screaming, the Eiffel tower blinking..."Yes. Paris you got me!" I thought.
Aulevoir Paris T.T

Thanks for reading♥


  1. Ta fotka jak jste pod Eiffel tower je vážně, vážně krásná, ale už teď je mi trochu blivno... O_o :3
    Jinak krásné fotky, už se těším až do Príže pojedu já! :3

    1. Děkuji, snažila jsem se kamarádku donutit vyfotit mou představu..celkově jsem měla hlavu plnou takových těch až otřepaně tradičních námětů na fotky s Eiffel tower, ale ...nějak se nezadařilo..XD

  2. wow, na některých fotkách vypadáš jako úplná francouzka! ale vážně, no cliche (mně na blogu psali, že vypadám jako newyorčanka aniž by někdy nějakou viděli xD) :'D a co se makronků týče, taky si myslíš, že ty z Francie jsou o nekonečně procent lepší než ty, které dostaneš u nás? *nostalgie*

    1. Challenge accepted!!! XD
      A moc děkuji...na francouzském feelingu jsem stavěla své outfity,ale prostě na mě myšlenka, že jedu zrovna do Francie v tomto ohledu šíleně působila.
      Když příjde na to, že je ke všemu dostaneš jenom v Praze (ty Francouzské a Paulovské) tak jo,ač jsem jich v Čechách zase tolik neochutnala..
      Každopádně si stojím za tím, že ty velké chutnají tak nějak lépe!!!

  3. Hmmm, I recognize few corners I liked too, but you weren't at my most beloved one - Saint Michel. http://www.spojeacesty.cz/mst.michel.jpg There's no place on the worl like this...I was crying when we were leaving.
    We have to visit this place together, sometimes!<3

    BTW Eiffel photo is very nice, I admire you for actually getting up there - I simply couldn't. :D

    1. Saint Michel T.T Looks stunning really, but we passed through the boulvard of the same name...and I kept singing a song in which it's spoken about St. Michel too..XD Like a total insane person, really.
      And we really have to! Paris is a place of tonnes possibilities!And I can't help myself but always get drunk just by the feeling of it.. **

      Honestly, I made it only to the second floor..XDDD

  4. I, myself, expected Paris to be more... colorful, maybe. But it was all like grey and boring. :C I don't know, I somehow don't like it too much. I've been there once and... there are only few things I enjoyed: věžička (haha, translate would destroy it) and SMARTIEs everywhere! I'm in love with Smart cars and the town was full of them. *_*
    ... a když už jsme u toho, v té ulici, po které se jde jakoby od http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7106/7032270477_fc7f0f1c91_b.jpg k http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7254/6886174114_a41f7c23f0_b.jpg je takovej úžasnej obchod se sladkostmi... lízátka, různé čokolády, vše údajně handmade... tam jste se asi nestavovali, což? :c
    And one more thing: I ADORE F1 hotels! I dunno why. They're just so simple and I felt really comfortable when I slept there.
    Well, I don't know if I'll enjoy London more (never been there yet). ^^

    I wish I could travel there with you and other nice people. :3

    1. I hope you will enjoy London more then. x)
      But it really depends on places you see, the type of weather and many other things...And as I'm always so grateful to be able to go outside Czech republic and be for a while a part of big cities even a little is enough for me..x)

      And I totally remember the shop you're speaking about as we went past it ** And there was a tonnes of macaroons...

  5. I will go to Paris in august,so happy ^^ :)

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