April 2, 2012

le party hard

And an amazing weekend I spent with my friends two weeks ago in Prague (as it used to be).
A Tokyo Drift party took place there I really wanted to attend as I had become really hooked on the idea of participating. I even missed the Ostrava's first anime screening con -Ostracon, but at least I left Prague early in the Sunday morning to attend an after-ostracon-lolita tea-room meeting. Even though My lolita was crumpled by the 5 hours long traveling (Still yay for regiojet as I'm officially an addict or at least a big fan of these much more comfortable trains-and even so much cheaper!!!)

But step-by-step.
I reached Prague in Fri morning (after the first time I traveled with my notebook, recording robo.to videos, listening Fantastic Baby,Shinee and Kyary and watching Dream Hight 2 - one of the most stupid thing I ever watched,really). Then I distributed (like a boss-or a dealer XD) some things, meet with cute Molly, my dearest Akeshi to hand her my CC I sold her (my loli coat T.T), Nixi I haven't seen for a years and few others and also Haru as we led to Kitsu's (Or shoud I say GD's?) flat to dolly us up for the party.

The party itself enabled me to see a few friends and talk to them after a really long time. And It was really great...

The next day was all about sleeping, shopping and hanging around and having a great time, and my first vanilla macaroon. (Here starts my obsession)

And as we wanted to watch something we went for Ajeossi as the most appealing movie because of the main lead actor.

Sun morning was continuing in the way of mine and Haru many firsts as we ran together for a bus ...
Quite funny, really (NOOOT)

Then as I reached Ostrava (after listening fantastic baby in a train with badly connected earphones and mine  unintentional attack other traveller) I met with Elisse, Fabi, Johanka. Than with Suzi and we went to the tearoom where the meeting took place. It was great and if my phone hadn't broke I would post some photos I took as a great memories worth posting.
After Elisse walked me to train,waved me and I ended up alone again in a super slow local train with a huge delay so I ate a dry Chinese soup end became one of these carrying the soup-flavor package in her purse...XD

(Photos randomly acquired xP)


  1. These gifs actually made me laugh about my own death... XD But really, it was a perfect week-end!!! <333

  2. You are all so stylish! And have I ever mentioned how pretty your cheekbones are?

  3. Looks like you enjoyed it a lot! <3 Love your hair and so on.