March 31, 2012


Just getting rid of some photos which accumulated here in my PC...
I have many things to post actually, or to post about, but I'm still waiting for photos from these events so for these, who are really waiting (anyone here? xD), wait a little longer please ♥

When it was still too cold to exist properly at school so I had to put on like a million layers..

When it was a year after the disaster in Japan (in a skirt I remade, because I haven't worn it very much..I remade the buttons into golden studs and made it shorter x)

And an outfit when I came back from Prague a 2 weeks ago. When the preparations for my Paris trip started to be visible on my outfits x"3


  1. I really have to post you those outfit photos from tea party! :D
    ...and I love your current and your collar bone. <3 :D *being creepy again*

    1. Yes, that would be great, but I can't wait for the others photos too...
      Also the last photos was taken by my brother..I asked him to get a picture of the details but in the end it turned into photo of my collar bones XD But as it was the only one, not blurred and quite watchable, I posted it..
      And thanks for the compliment to my, it was made right before leaving to Paris x)

  2. woow i love ur first outfit,especially ur sweater,so cute!!!love ur hair too :D