March 11, 2012

Shopping therapy

Not active for such a long time a great amount of photos of things I've bought to myself recently has piled up in my PC.
So I decided to post them, even though, the worlds around would be rather lifeless...I know why I do not post anything during these periods.
Also, I guess these shopping updates means getting new haters, cause they usually think, you must be fu*king rich to be able to be shopping or so. I still haven't got it though. It's supposed of people interested in fashion to blog about their closet and things linked with fashion isn't it? 

So almost a shopping update from Christmas to now ^^

From a day I gained another Tenshi's train story..
You know, it happens you get on bad train, but it's rather stupid to realize it at terminal station!!! Only losers do so XD

Yay! for sale, BUT why all the clothes you wanted to buy once, but didn't due their hight prize have to be in sales-->for a few crowns---> but in sizes as 40 and higher? Really, God you hate me?
Viz the lace blue dress :O
I was in need of new bag to school and I'm currently stud(ding? XD) it, but I will speak about after I finish it x)
I guess, all I have on my mind while shopping is a Paris and France (a school trip in a 2weeks!yay!!!) cause, you know, this is absolutely not me (rather Maria-sama ga miteru alike or governess from a Victorian era XD)
Then a present my mum bought me (and almost my size..she always buy me something as 38 or even 42 :O)
A golden cardigan from a local-second hand.
It matches my hair perfectly, even though it should be grey shade not a golden one!!! wanna white hair nooow!

Takko buy and also, another proof of me becoming such a shorts (mainly hight-waisted) addict!

A Kik need-for-survive bracelet **
And my recent love, you can see it on my last robo too xP

I was also sewing during this week-end but I will brag about it later xP


  1. Hoho, what a lol when i like your new mouse mug from all those things. :D

    But those lace dresses are really cool, I wanted them in black, but...umf, my body. -_-"

    And I can't wait to see you in that long skirt! (It is long, isn't it?)

    ŇA! <3

    1. It's under knee, yes, it's quite long in comparison with the super short things I wear xP
      Also...THANK YOU dear for the amazingly cute koala pendant ♥ Love it..Mum came home really late that day, so I found it on my desk when I woke up...and I wore it even to school that day and many people actually liked it (not fair, I have like millions of self-made jewelery but noone ever notice :O) ...

  2. I think I will kill you for the kitty bracelet !!!! Love all the things you bought and yes - clothes in sale are mostly size 42 or 44 or..... 34 - because normal people just can't get I this size ... Hahaha! I caaaaan ( sometimes :D )

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