May 7, 2012

Days to AF

To tell something shortly about the long period I didn't write anything...
I was surviving...

Making a lots of things for my AF stall from resin whole days and nights..

 Watched a few great pieces..(actually, I usually post everything concerning my recent interest at my tumblr ^^..feel free to stalk it there)

Unfortunately while attending school which has turned into literally leaving hell..(the temperatures last week were unbearable..

There was also a Czech traditional spring event called Majáles we need to attend and wear some masks, so I was a sad mime --->
(And I was told, I should try it in a future...that I looked believable..)

And finally, after I finished all the things for AF and the huge packing and preparation started.

Then I left for the annual week-end without sleeping spent with my friends.

Even though this year was much different for me, as I went there without the usual friends I spent all the previous years, and most of the times, I spent at Porcelaindoll stall, as I was selling my things, I really enjoyed it and I will drop a few worlds as soon as I will get some photos.

Additionally, I haven't sold everything so I will post those which are left in the evening...therefore a chance to buy a little something from ANIMEFEST for all these who weren't there x)


  1. Ahoj Tenshi, rada bych vedela, kde jsi nakoupila / objednala ty sperky predtim, nez si tam dala ty obrazky. Rada bych si taky neco vytvorila. :3

    1. Tak různě, něco z fleru, něco z ebaye (žádného přímo prodejce nemám..tedy měla jsem,ale on právě doprodával lůžka, když jsem od něj kupovala nějaká ozdobná lůžka na prstýnky)..

  2. My little page, I was so happy I saw you after...not very long, but also SO LONG time.
    You're awesome mim...
    And the amount of your resin jewelry scares me :'D


    1. Not so long, still too long..I totally understand..Once again, thanks for the macaroon's from Bonbon, they were like...SUPER DELICIOUS ..I ate them both right the first day while sitting in my stall, not having anything better than eating all my food for the upcoming days -_-"!!!

  3. Ty vole... Teda pardon, ale takovouhle maxi výrobu... O_________o
    A samozřejmě sluši, sluši. Obvzlášťe to s růžouvými legínami a šátkem je velmi... *.* :3

    1. Jo, celé poslední týdny u mě byly ve znamení šílené manufaktury XD
      A dík ♥

  4. jsi strasne krasna :-o a ty odznacky a vsechno taky!