May 12, 2012

Animefest 2012

And here we go again, a week-end all Czech otaku or fans of Japan itself are waiting for the whole year...
A week-end you go and charge your inner battery and devastate your body with energy drinks and coffee in stead of sleeping.

This year, the animefest's area was dofferent which brought some pros, but even cons actually.
For me, overall the whole festival was a bit different as my friends with who I'm always attending this events couldn't make it there, and I was always most of the time spending in the Porcelain doll's stall, where I was selling my resin products all together with other 5 Czech "brands".
photo by Johanka D'Arc
To not to overflow the post with actually-not-much-saying prattling, I guess some photos would be better ^.~
Me with Gedžitka,my provider of elevenses :D
With Kameko, we stalls sellers XD
Darker than black's Hei..I couldn't resist and just had to have a photo with him for my life xD

After the first day's night shift (:D) we went to sleep to the gym, which looked more like some place after Fukushima with all the bodies laying next to each other around 2 o'clock in the morning.
Unfortunately, those dead bodies had somehow too much energy right before 5o'clock a.m. so I gave up, and was left with not even 3 hours of sleep. But you know, the "milk with coffee" (like really) from local machine made my body function :D
From left: Paula-I have known far longer and couldn't wait to see her for my first, as I had heard so much about her, Ko with mint hair, Fabi my conspirator and Gedž (without her, there would be no LB photos as Pepča wasn't there -_-)
With Jun, the only one who always knew where we should go (not!)
With Julinka
With Yumie and Veru 
With Domi, or rather, me with her dress. You know people, she's a genius..really.
What's more she's fucking beautiful genius..♥
My lolita friends from Nort-Czech region...from left Kůzle, Suzake, Terezka-the most devoted customer of mine. 
Me and Kira and Me and Terezka..and a hidden story behind.

As we had heard that Hoshi o ou kodomo by Makoto Shinkai is a huge disappointment, in stead of it, we went to Brno's Maido coffee and had a really great time, meeting others (including Tyra, my long-term friend). Then we decided not to sleep, pack our belongings and join our North-Czech friends in being awake whole night.
And it was fun. And hell when organizers went crazy. Literally.
I'm such a devil creature..chichi

I tried to save my dying body with some energetic drinks...and I quite made it through the day, but I was really dumb :D

A time for a majestic departure of our Ostrava's group. T.T
both photos of Ostrava's group by  Johanka D'Arc
Fake collars bitches.
And then after the official finish, we set up for the way to the end of the world and further.

I'd like to say THANKS to all of these I spent some time there, had an amazing time and everyone who was even there, taking a part in creating the atmosphere.
The weirdest catch, cocoa and poppy seeds Chinese soups.

Kagamine Len and bows I got from Terezka and Kira as a late Christmas present ♥♥♥
Yuyu's cupcake ring
ultracute bracelet by Kameko.

In addition, few rings by me I kept for myself.

So, this is the end.
AF2013 I'm waiting!!!