May 15, 2011

I have grown up much more handsome

And the photos from the first day of Animefest 2011.

Lookbook :

And here are some other photos, if I'm really sorry, that they aren't edited and even the quality or visibility of this outfit aren't the best...
Thanks everyone for the photos ♥ (mainly Gedž in this post x)

 And photos from the night taken by Katy-chan the most beautiful ballet girl I've ever met ♥

 (What I'm wearing and so on is written at my LB post ^^ - too lazy of course)

Thanks for attention ♥


  1. I love this one...<3
    ...Katy-chan's photo is the best!!! <3

    Hmm.. when I think of it.. you fit my idea of Dorian Gray. ^^

  3. Johanka : But the photos from Kathy was taken in the middle of night so the lights are really bad..-_-"

    Haru : Really? I'm his big fan, but still, I'm not blond or even as skinny as he should be..but I really do sometimes feel like his alter ego from the picture...^^