May 3, 2011

The me from the past

I was given of these photos by my sister a few days ago.. I never seen them before from the day they have been taken... It's so strange to watch them just now, cause the person on them is someone absolutely different than the current me.. If I just run across them while browsing an Internet, I don't think I would recognize myself on them...
But still there's something forcing me to watch them though.  
(Photos are taken and also edited by 100% acrylic resin)


  1. Even If I have a coulrophobia (I really dont like clowns x_X), you look perfect. This photos have perfect atmosphere. x) You are great model! You can do more photos like this! I really love them! ♥

  2. Reikko : Tell the truth I'm also a bit terrified of clowns, but I like mimes quite a lot...
    And my sister (100% acrylic resin) is someone, who really can create a good photos where I also sometimes like myself... And thanks for all your nice worlds ;)

  3. I hate clowns. :D
    Your photos are cute, but uhm :D But I love that black&white one, and the last one...<3
    Your sister is talented (tell it to her! :3) and you look so pretty on her photos...I love it. :)

  4. Estelle ? I absolutely will...she will be glad to hear that x)

  5. It always totally makes my day to see new photos (especially like these) from you :) I love them all, they are just really perfect, I don't have words for your sister's talent and for you modeling's talent too ♥

  6. agree with girls - clowns are scary! but ur a nice clown *smile* and ur good model, too