February 14, 2013

Rain sound [Lookbook post] - give us a ♥

We're participating in a Valentine contest with a pair look together with Haru, cause we wanted to manifest a bit against the classical Happy Love side of Valentine.
Personally, I'm not fan of this holiday anyway, but as I'm procrastinating on doing school work, I really felt like participating :D
Because it's about hearts this time, If you like it a bit, give us yours please. ♥

The concept was an unfortunate boy love in the world of k-pop (we are really infected, don't tell us :D)
So we tried to follow the concept and for each of us, BAP's rain sound became a huge inspiration.
Wish us a luck then ;)

Also, give love to my secret lover as well --->

 I wish you a nicely spent day, mainly to those, who are alone and feeling down.
Don't be ♥


  1. Replies
    1. Děkuji, způsobila jsem tím nemoc mojí sestře a téměř smrt jejímu foťáku.

  2. The first one behind the glass is awesome! Ú, you're such a lovely boy. :D

  3. jsi tak dokonalá, vážně.. ty fotky jsou dechberoucí.. a miluju tvoje vlasy!