February 15, 2013

Losing romwee virginity

So even I have finally ordered something from the well known all trends having website  ROMWE.
But actually, I'm quite skeptical, when it comes to it, cause frankly, that's just well dressed ebay or aliexpress or wholesale-dress with a bit bigger prizes.
But this...

More busy I'm with all the school work I have, more I'm procrastinating on it to the point I usually even procrastinate on sleeping and I shop in stead of sleeping/learning/doing stuffs.
The dark side of me...
I will once sell our house for sure by an accident, cause I will be too exhausted while reading "Do you really wanna sell your house and your family to the slavery in exchange of this bowler with ears and sweater with spikes and cat?" wait, I would say yes, even now, and I slept a few hours today :D (slept...let's call it like that, but how can a person with so brutal tooth ache even call his nightmare fight for survival even call a sleep?)

Leggings itself are from a good material, they are long and rather bigger than smaller,so I have almost no complains x)

Buuut here we go, a leggings from romwee sales I got x)
Also we are competing in the Valentine's Lookbook contest, so check our looks and if you like them, PLEASE, give us your hearts ♥



  1. Nádhera:) Ale nejvíce se mi líbí ty s kostmi :)

    1. Jsi můj 666 komentář ♥ Promiň, potřebovala jsem aby to bylo řečeno ♥♥♥