October 23, 2013

Symptomps [LB post] [photo shoot]

The second photo bombing I promised before...

Eventually, we ended up taking a really weird pictures (as always I would say) but I like them probably the most...
Somehow, faceless is the feel...the reason they appeal to me that much..

I think most of you already know that I have that huge weakness for k-pop and that I'm a Shinee fan ...therefore their latest comeback is something which inspires me a lot recently
(mainly in the teaser photo shoots and mv teasers)
*to make this picture complete I'm attaching some inspirational things as well..*

That's all from me for now ...


  1. I really like these faceless one. I was waiting for something special while scrolling through your photoshoot and I got it! :D
    Also I like that song. HM.

  2. Wow, ta atmosféra je perfektní! Obrovská změna oproti minulému outfitu, moc se mi to líbí <3