January 4, 2014

Happy 2014 everyone

Ohisashiburi desu ne?

Hope everyone enjoyed the days of free time, eating a lots of Christmas food for free and not leaving home except when being forced by parents or a critical situation.

I haven't upload blog a lot recently, cause I was literally too lazy and busy (not only with work, I'm mostly busy with procrastinating -_-")
Buuut I'm back, as this is my last day at home before going back to Olomouc, when the cruel reality of hard studying and exams is awaiting me...

(and a really tasty punch I totally fell for this winter...)

So to anyone who wished me (and I haven't replied or even if I had) a happy new year :
I wish you to get most of that 361 days left x)

I really wanted to post a few photos of the last 3 months of my life, unfortunately, I'm the forever not getting photos from friends who promised to do so...
Therefore...I'm sorry...next time x)

Despite all the upcoming exams, I should go through some shops till it's too late for a good bargains right? ^^
I´m in a need of a coat and winter boots so I´m just fearing the I will wake up to a completely white landscape.
I couldn't find any for which I would really pay the full prize when I went through shops before the Christmas holidays though. Now I can only hope I will still manage to find something usable in the sales. Am I too naive? Any tips to find a coat for a winter which would look good yet would be a bit warm as well? I have actually a lot of  pretty coats at some of the Internet clothes selling websites, but haven't managed to bought any...
Like those I like a lot.

I feel like I have an idea of the ideal coat in my head but I can't really connect to that image...but surely something baggy, yet elegant in some way...rather longer than shorter and what's my biggest dream is a huuuuge hood. :D Am I being too much?
I feel like this has a shape I would really love in other pattern..**
Having similar problems?

Anyway, wish me luck as the hardest part of my exams is still coming, I wish you as well even if it's for your exams as well or just for hunting some great bargains out there...

PS: I was lucky to got sponsored by a paged called persunmall from which are those coats as well. Therefore a review coming soon~

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