October 21, 2013

Britain's and Ireland's next top model 7

I left this article laying unfinished for too long to even remember who was in this cycle so this is quite an exacting task for me to go through photos from their photo shoots and remember who I liked and who I didn't.

One of those I remember the best is Amy Woodman.
Amy was so Florence and the Machine o.O

And she was weirdly great...But after the ballet shoot, which really showed how stiff she was without any sense for movement, I had to give up at rooting for her.
(You know how it is..sometimes you just love someone in that show for who that person is and turn a blind eye to the photos that person produce on the contrary, you sometimes love how the participant photographs that you ignore how shitty behavior she has)
Looks rather like a making of a Tim Burton's Corpse Bride movie...

That's what I remember about Juste (she had this really short boyish haircut) or Anastasija (long pink hair)....I wanted to like them, you know...but...

Another beautiful bone structured girl was Imogen Leaver ..I spent the whole time wondering who she reminded me of...Keira?Thirteen from Dr House?

Then there was our real beauty Jade Thompson...Maybe even too pretty for my liking. But her freckles make her face just too stunning really.
However, my biggest love was Stacey Haskins .
I was so thrilled by Stacey's amazing, purely angelic look and fragility**
I really rooted for her as a model.

I've had another post about ANTM 19 cycle laying here for ages as well.
I'm as well watching the most recent cycle Boys and girls.
It's gonna be the probably the last cycle of ANTM I'm gonna watch though. It was always a bad show, but I enjoyed it. Now it's bad and boring at the same time. 

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