June 16, 2011

Short and unseam was this week


And everything started with a quite big, casual denim shorts of amazing baby-pastel-blue from a local second-hand...

Then, I've remade them in something like this ....
And then, I've worn them almost whole week in different ways xP

The first way :

Second way: 

And the reason, why I took photos with this "Magic stick"... I quess, If anyone noticed that before... But "I'm the head!" 

And some details :  


And a third way: 

Just a detail on the lace cuffes xP


  1. Cute cute love love! ^^ (And the lace cuffes!!! OMG I love them! (And I¨m still not able to made them. -_-)

  2. Thank you for your comment. It makes me very happy :).

  3. Ty šortky jsou perfektní, stejně tak všechny outfity s nimi. Nejvíc se mi asi líbí ten poslední. ^^