June 9, 2011

Let's be alike!!!

What's made me to write this post...

I had to take a screen of this (Nothing against this girls of course)..
But it's like there is somewhere a tutorial what to do to have many HYPES XD
And this pose is one of the rules you have to go with XD
And I bet that these girls got many many hypes XD
I also bet, that Lookbook would be the name of the next the most favorite world-style and lookbook.nu would be something like their bible... I ask myself really often, what I am actually doing there, but because some really great people I just can't get rid of this addiction of my xP

And about the people I'm stalking there...:
Recently, there're increasingly lolitas from all over the world...So a big part of my victims are these girls ♥ ( I will skip celebrities like a Mio Babylove or Zeruda, because I suppose that almost everyone know and stalk them with me XD)
For example :
Natsi World

Pixie Late

Doll Delight

Denise S.

 Federica D

Kao Hime

Professor Kunoichi

Ilsebelle 薔薇

  And many many others really cute lolitas or J-fashion wearing people x)

But there are still many people outside the japan fashion I stalk and love as same as the others...
Like : 
  Brian Evalle

Jerina Laaksonen

Hideki Ito 

IVAN Chang

Sharon Le

Miss Bee

Frida E

And again..many many others... Yes, Lookbook is still worth it thanks to this unusual people which aren't following whats hot on LB XD
(+ many many really amazing Czech people I'm fan of, but I would write about them some other time...xP)


  1. Ah, addiction. :D
    (LOVE Jerina Laaksonen style SO MUCH!!! <3)

  2. heeh i love kao hime and ilsebelle looks they're so epic <3