July 6, 2011

Neo Harajuku

As I promised, another spam of some photos we took a few weekends ago in Prague...(Or Pepu took - to be concrete)
Our friend Miruwas having 18th birthday so the Neo Harajuku meeting was thought out for him (and there was also another thing behind it what doesn't have to be said)..
Me with the birthday person - I know it's a suicide to post this..now, I'll be living my life even more miserable in the fear of his fans

I was absolutely dead after neither 2 or 3 hours of sleeping and 5 hours in train, but a coffee and nutella helped me to survive whole time x)
And here some photos ..All thanks for this photo shoot of mine goes (again) to my dear (dogie) Pepu♥
 Some things was made just for this occasion, like the headband, the shorts and the bloody necklace I also fell in love ♥

And because whenever we are, a millions of photos are always born, there are another photos and a shoot, we took, now in a tea room ( where most of the main things took place XD)
(the lighting was horrible so I just had to edit them x)
Me and Kitsu, who changed into D's Asagi for a day and all of us fell in love with her/him (of course for a second time) 

  Me and Haru shoot : 

Next day, we were lazing around and shopping..
(leaving the flat of 13th floor)
And Munamu's punishment for not wanting to have a together photo xP

At the back train, I wanted to finish my meal, I had to put into a MC box, so Pepu took out her camera (I'm one of the biggest Mc dissenter and something like a comic exactly according to that situation came out!)
Nom nom nom
Ouch...but that's not what it seems to be in it!
  Cause it sucks!

Hope you had a fun at my stupid face expressions ;)


  1. fufu this is geniall! dark&lovely. u (all) look absolutely amazing

  2. How I said on LB: AWESOME!!!!!!!*.*

  3. It was amazing, you were amazing! ^^

  4. Wow! You look totally spectacular!

  5. amazing *-*
    a ten photoshoot s Haru-chan :3 roztomilé :3

  6. Skvělé fotky a úžasný outfit! *_*
    Fotky společně s Haru jsou nejdokonalejší! ^^

  7. Ty fotky s Haru jsou děsně supr!

  8. Vypadáš úžasně a moc se mi líbí ty vaše společné fotky s Haru ^^

  9. Thanks to all of you ♥♥♥ I'm so glad for so many (and even so positive) comments *.*

  10. haha! you look perfect again (please, can you explain it?) the sma elike Haru. You too look like any circus sisters (in good way!) Just perfect again <3