June 2, 2012

Leaving for Poland

I think I haven't mentioned it yet, which is so likely me. XD Anyway, I'll be sitting in a train in 60 minutes, on my way to Drobin (Poland). It's some scholar exchange student's program for which I was chosen.
I'll be back in a week, but if my packing up turn out well,I could take my laptop with me there(you know, you should carry something you can pretend you are really  occupied with!!! And books don't work that good XD)

Have a nice time then x)
Also I'd like to apologize to my friends who are waiting for some e-mails from my.I really wanted to answer to your mails before my departure, but I haven't made it. When I could, I didn't, then I had to time -_-"
Despicable, I know, still,I'm really really sorry...♥


  1. záááávist závist závit. miluju Polsko. my byli ve Slovinsku a teď nám Slovinci přijedou domů, ale to už není žádná zábava :'D