June 21, 2012

About the exchange staying in Poland

As some of you have noticed, I took part in a project called Comenius,thanks to which I spent almost the whole week in Drobin,Poland . I really enjoyed it, as it was really sudden and unexpected, and also new for me, because I'm not really active in this sort of things.
Drobin was a little "town", with landscape like from a low-cost movies (means really beautiful, even though it was raining most of the times, but all around fields, rabbits, sometimes a house)

They took as to many different places and cities as Warsaw, Oswietim, Cracow, Plock, Torun ect. (therefore yes, we really spent most of the time in buses and went to our "families" just to have a 1-5 hours sleep).
I went through Auschwitz birkenau tour for my second time (this time touched me even more), and through the Cracow Jewish ghetto (where Schindler's list was shoot).
And one of the best things even was the way we were treated like a VIP. And the tons of food everywhere (you know when there's someone visiting your school and they prepare tables of food for them, so you are just envious watching it, this time I was the one who could actually eat it all...XDDD)
But what's quite funny, although that's supposed to be an English project, we were almost the only one whou could speak English. Quite funny (not!)..
But fortunately I can understand Polish (it's not that great when it comes to me speaking Polish at all!!!)
And as I wrote enough, now a few photos (it's mostly from one Czech boy Dany, I hope he wouldn't mind)
Others were taking photos of some churches around, but you know, I had to have a photo of this Miš *.*

An amazing restaurant..you know EU was treating us XD
That was the first day of a bit better weather,however I was freezing in the Auschwitz areal..
An parade
Ghetto in Cracow
I found out, that Polish girls are really beautiful!!! And much more stylish...
And lotsa food I already mentioned :D


  1. Huh, budu se myslím opakovat, ale Osvětim ti strašně závidím :'D Vlastně celé Polsko T_T
    A v Toruni jsem svého času byla taky! Doufám, že jsi ochutnala KoPerníčky, protože jsou boží *-*

    1. Taky jsem ráda, že jsem měla možnost se tam znovu podívat...Ono to není zrovna místo, kde by si podle mě někdo jen tak zajel a sám si to všechno naplánoval..Alespoň tak si vysvětluji, proč tam ještě tolik lidí nebylo..
      A ochutnala XDDD A byly skvělé ač mám pocit, že se tyhle Toruňské perníčky dají koupit i tady..x)

  2. Huh, it seems you had really gret time there! Beuatuful photos, dear. :)
    (And Miš is mr.Awesomness :D)

    1. I guess I really had..
      And Mis was fabulous x)

    2. I actually took a photo of some mouse in France, where everybody was maaad about the architecture and I was adoring little mouse or something in the display window. :D