June 19, 2012

Counting Pulse

Long time without any updates, and my usual worlds of apologize XD
So I'll skip it for this time..
How are you all doing during the starting summer, and upcoming summer holidays?
To be honest, I felt much better when it rained all days long than now, when It's too hot to function  ><"
But I was quite lucky, and managed to get a photo of my today's outfit.
Nothing too complex...but I have a photo :D

+ I'm also supposed to get some photos from my staying in Poland, so I'm gonna create a little post about it, as same as my little shopping update from my second-hand's haunting ^^
And last but not least, another ANTM favorites post and few worlds about others next top models I'm watching (like Britains x)
Stay tuned :D


  1. I liked those rainy days, too... But I don't mind the heat either, so, ha! :D

    Good luck with carrying a tin of tuna. ;D

    Keep posting, can!t wait to read about your trip to Poland! :)