June 22, 2012

Jade McSorley

Long story short,
How Tenshi fell in love...again
With a contestant from Britain's next top model cycle 5
She's just such a sweetheart!!!
(photos are from tumblr)
I can't get over her cycle and (sorry spoiler) why they kicked her out...She was truly the only one who deserved it as she's such a potential. If there was a girl with a little higher weight, they wouldn't say "She's too fat" but "She have to lose some kilos"... So why did they say just "She's too thin" instead of "She will have to gain a few kilos"..Drives me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad


  1. wow, she's really cool!
    I like that long hair photo. and those two in hats.

    1. Yes, she's such a sweetheart..what's more, her voice is a fairy-tail, sweet cute, and somehow childish fairy-tail with a pinch of husky tone...
      And she's like a true nerd, wearing her glasses all the time despite the fact, she's standing in front of the panel XDDD

    2. :D
      I think I'll download it and watch it.
      And have some nice ,,omgImmasougly" time. D:

    3. If your really manage to download it,you'll became a hero for me as I couldn't find it anywhere,so I had to watch it at youtube x/
      Crappy quality,I know.