June 23, 2012

Fires in objects

Truly simple, nothing special outfit from one of these hot days...
School is such a boredom recently..Really...

And one "behind the scenes" I quite like although it's messy..XD
Thanks Gedžitka for the photos


  1. Lol, I just bought an orange shirt today too! The skirt is really pretty, I can't find a black lacey skirt anywhere T__T.

    1. It's not orange T.T ..Although it looks sort of orange, it's really red...strawberry red..x)
      It was a lucky find,really x)

    I really, really like that belt. Uá, want something like this, too. Waist is only thing I still have and I have nothing to point it out. D:

    Also that bilding is cool. What is it?

    1. You have to come to Český Těšín, as I was second-hand haunting yesterday and instead of moments like "Have to have thiiiiiis", it was like "Johanka would love this..and this..and that...whíííííííííííííííííííííí" XDDD
      And they have few really pretty belts too, even though it's in the a bit more expensive second-hand, here in Poland.

      Strawberry red is such a great color isn't it?

      Actually just some flat in Český Těšín...we just couldn't find any better place with Gedžitka and it was right before school..x)

    2. Jů ^^ :D I'll come to see you and 2ndhands for sure, we just have to think out some day. (Email :D) :)

      It is' Whne I was little- well...smaller than now :D I had almost everything in ,,jahodková". It was awesome, people called me a red riding hood ^^

      You have a pretty houses there, then. We should take some pic there. :)