April 28, 2011

Worlds Within

As I've said before I'm a drama freak, because of that the first something here can't be nothing other that something about the piece I've finished during this night...

It was called Worlds within (Like the name of this post) 
You also can found it like a "The World That They Live In" or in the original name "geudeuri saneun sesang"...
It's K-drama with 16 episodes from 2008.

In the concrete I like it, but it didn't drag me in like some others drama sometimes did. It tells a mature story from the world of directors making another k-dramas, what was actually really interesting to watch. But for me, it lacked the main passion, which drive you to watch as much as you can.
But still, it also has a big potential for being loved, so I guess that there's many people who really fell for it. 
It has many many great actors (Like Hyun Bin or Song Hye Gyo), the main pair was so cute together, and especially the characters were really well though out..
And the best things about was a parts with writer Lee Seo U in the 12th ep and the end, which was just splendid (I'm nominated it for one of the best end in the world of drama XD..I was truly smiling x)

In the end, I would give it about 67/100

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