October 16, 2011

Beauty in breakdown

It's getting really cold outside...
And even in our school... just sitting there makes my bones hurt.


  1. Those leggins are really awesome.
    ...I want to see you again... As soon as possible.
    http://ostravskeharajuku.blog.cz/1110/predhalloweensky-sraz-info-3 there?

  2. I love your leggings! Did you made them yourself? <3

  3. M : Thanks!
    Johanka : I would like to see you too..But it depends on you,Fabi and El, if I'll be coming, cause It has like no meaning to go there without people I'm going to see...and We also planned my sleeping over at Fabi's place together with Elisse x)

    Jeenee : Yes,. I did...or to be more precise, I demaged my old pink legging (like sports leggings or something x)

  4. Nádherné barvy, moc se mi líbí použití černých elementů. Moc ti to sluší!

  5. Tenshi, this hair colour suits you so much! I am looking forward to see you. It will be awesome.