September 24, 2012

Late Holiday resume [photos overdose]

I have updated nothing about myself, except the right column of what I'm currently watching, doing, loving and sometimes, I haven't updated even that. (According to it, I was partying in Prague a few weeks longer.. -_-" yay me xD)
However,some photos have accumulated in my computer and I have this absurd demand to share it with the world and drop some worlds about it.
I was at one Ostrava's harajuku meeting not that late after coming home from Japan Expo (the end of July I think), and I spent the whole day mainly with my "best friends" as the version of Czech purikura call us,
and then passed the night at Ostrava's main train station together with Elisse and some beggar, who brought us food, then lied down on tha floor :D

 In short, Except the France and Japan Expo, I usually did nothing but watched k-pop stuffs and some dramas and sometimes, I set my DDR pad on fire. There was also my like 2-weeks-k-pop-marathon when you don't have to sleep more than 2 hour per day..
Of course, there were some exceptions when I even left my room for a few hours :D 
For example to spent a day with Gedžitka and Johanka
@Johanka d'arc
For the very last weekend, I went to Prague to meet my friends and throw a little goodbye party to the holidays, and also one of us, Haru, who's moving to England to enroll an uni there x)
Unfortunately, Pepu didn't make it there, so only 3 of us met.
The only photo of us together..really.
I returned home at Sunday really late, after not much of sleeping, I knew I'm not able to save my next day Zombie appearance, so I chose dying my hair blue over sleeping like a proper end of summer holiday 2012 T.T"
Sooo what are your thoughts? ^^
(in the end, I was an absolute zombie the next -first school day, but fortunately, We had a school trip to Prague the first week of school, so I could get use to the truth at least...)


  1. I see you read Piercing! It's such a coincidence, I've finished reading it too recently. :D I didn't like it that much but I read it almost all in one take. I suppose you liked it.. ;3

    1. I read it like 2 or 3 months ago, yet it's still the last best boom I've read, so contrarily to you, I reaaaaly loved it and even it's like "two hours of reading if you want" I read it one whole day as I kept interrupting, cause it was somehow heavy and scary in some way...for me, it's probably the best from him yet x)

    2. For me the best one is In the Miso Soup, it seems kind of different, I'm not sure in what way, but it left a really deep impression on me.

    3. I'd Actually rank In the Miso soup like the second best too...And it was also my first one from him x)

  2. Yayyy, best friends! :)

    ,,I remember that ourfit... Yay, I remember that day! 8)"

    You look like really cool asian boy on the lat photo you lovely page-zombie :D