November 23, 2012

In pictures

Again a bunch of some random photos..
Firstly, when the first snow appeared as suddenly as it disappeared...Luckily.
A really crazy day I spent like 3 hours in a bus trying to get from my village to my dentist (it's like 10kilometers...T.T) Not a funny thing, really.
From last weekend...It's a Týnec nad Labem, where my family celebration took place and where I almost turned to ice...but it was my fault so I can't whiny at all! (another : Tenshi's true train story...)
The place was so forgotten my God...looked like a time's stopped there.
One of the last photos of me being lavender haired..not that it would be visible here, but there's no documentation of me having mint,dark violet or galaxy hair so, who cares XD
I live in a fogcape..
My way to school.
My way from school.
In "lolita" after a looong time cause I took some photos for a school magazine...Don't expect too much really.
Tried to capture at least my current impossible mission actually..

As he's one of my biggest bias, a huge inspiration when it comes to my most recent fashion inspirations...


  1. I love your new hair, wow!
    Also that milky fog...<3

  2. OMG, your new hair's awesome! You look like a Korean idol. <3