October 28, 2012

Mobilephone photos diary

Or a pile of photos of bad quality I took recently mostly with my mobile phone.

It was still really nice weather. The true autumn weather, I would say.
Leaves changing their colors.
I love Mondays for a reasons.
At least, I took one good decision in my life. It helps me not to fall off.
My garlicland which cost me almost my life and common sense.
I know now, I wouldn't do anything for money. At least till it's not more then almost no money.
But there's snow now. And fu**ing cold.
And I guess, nothing from this post makes sense for anyone but me.

Are you looking forward to Halloween? Plan to throw or attend some party?


  1. I really love your expression on the first photo. :D

    Hmm. I love Mondays too, now. Meeting you guys and no work at Monday makes me sooo happy. :'D
    (My life sucks :D)